Thursday, June 24, 2010

Creepy Old Possessed Dolls

I'm sure you've seen plenty of them. Decades-old dolls with cracked or partially missing faces, gouged out eyes, missing limbs, and other manifestations of extreme wear and tear. Newer dolls made to look like vampires, zombies, harlequin babies, and corpses that are either decaying or stitched up after an autopsy. Some dolls are actually possessed by ghosts, while others are just plain scary-looking.

There are several videos on YouTube that showcase these little monsters. Unfortunately, I can't embed the best one because the user who uploaded it has requested that embedding be disabled, so I have to post a link instead:

Anyway, here's another good video I can post here:

Next are some links to sites with more in-depth info about creepy and/or haunted dolls:

The famous "Robert" doll - According to the author of the Scary for Kids site, Robert is "the most haunted doll in the world".
Annabelle - This Raggedy Ann doll was so evil, it had to be investigated by famous psychics Ed and Lorraine Warren. Courtesy of
Autopsy Babies - WARNING: These dolls are very ugly, creepy, hideous, and gross, and may be offensive to some viewers. Other viewers find these dolls to be great Halloween props. You don't have to go to this site if you don't want to.
Shelter for Misfit Dolls -These dolls are also offensive, so you might not want your little kids to see them.

Last, but not least, is a haunted doll from Ebay. The description and pictures are below:

For Lovers Of All Things Paranormal!

Are you absolutely fascinated by weird things that go bump in the night? Are you a collector of all sorts of strange paranormal phenomena? I know I am. If I had it my way, I'd be living in a haunted castle somewhere in the murky heart of England.

But alas, castles in England are a wee bit out of my price range at the moment, so I have to content myself with collecting whatever strange and hopefully haunted items I can come across in my many travels. This is one such item!

Since getting this doll, strange things have happened. Things so strange I can't even repeat them. Seems maybe I should let this go to someone who can provide a better home than I...

If you're the sort of person who collects such things, then here's one for you. She needs to move on to a new home. She's a strange and paranormal doll. Don't take a chance on losing her... BID NOW!

I hope you enjoy these during your waking hours because they may cause nightmares! Muuaaaahhhhaaaahhhaaaaahhhhhaaaaa!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Creepy Ghostly Music from the Archives

One of my favorite pastimes is digging and rummaging through the farthest, deepest, darkest, creepiest recesses of the World Wide Web for first-hand experiences with the supernatural. Some of these murky places have old archives that go back a decade or more.

From waaaaayyyy back in the archives:

Haunted Lullaby
A Party from the 1920s
A Song for the Family to Die to
Music from Beyond?
Reszo Seress - The Song That Could Kill
Invisible Music Box
Invisible Singers
Music in the Heat Vent

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Haunted Paintings

About a couple of weeks ago, I was watching The Antiques Roadshow on my local PBS channel, and this couple had a very creepy, haunted painting. It was a painting of this really creepy-looking guy. His eyes were abnormally close together and seemed to follow anybody who looks at him. His face was like crooked and asymmetrical. The couple that owned it said that they heard the singing of Brahm's Lullaby coming from the picture.

I googled "haunted paintings" and came up with search results that include the Delphine Lalaurie portrait, the famous Haunted Ebay Painting, and others. The links I posted will take you to the full stories behind the paintings, and yes, these stories are creepy!

Below is a YouTube video about a couple of the aforementioned paintings plus a couple more! Enjoy!

Inauguration Day

Today is the official Inauguration Day for my new Creepy Finds blog! I have always been fascinated by ghost stories, unexplained mysteries, conspiracy theories, urban legends, abandoned buildings, and just about anything and everything supernatural. This is only my first post here, but I have a lot of creepy, weird stuff to come, so stay tuned.